November 3 AT 10:28 pm

Just wrapped principal photography on a documentary I’m producing in Nairobi about everyone’s favorite public transit:  MATATUS!


Big thanks to Cheese Pictures and Follow Focus Productions for joining the team.

It wasn’t always easy.  Here’s our DP/Cam Op George operating a steadicam in the mud!


Hard at work despite the rain

Hard at work despite the rain


Can’t keep this crew down


August 31 AT 3:14 pm

Two and a half years ago I sat down with my friend Max Kleine and decided to take matters into my own hands. No more waiting for auditions. Let’s make something. This sketch was the result of our first of many collaborations, and my first crack at producing. CHECK IT OUT HERE!


January 19 AT 8:30 pm

Quick update to let you know that I am in talks to hopefully go back to Kenya for a project within the year.  Nothing official to announce yet, but watch this space!


March 7 AT 7:07 pm

If you’re wondering where I’ve been the last few months, I have been collaborating with an amazing group of people to produce my first feature film!  It’s called
Ardmore Junction

It’s a funny, touching story of 4 strangers who meet at the memorial service of a man they knew only briefly, but who deeply affected each of their lives.  As they learn more about the man they thought they knew, they learn more about themselves, each other, and, ultimately, life.

The Kids & Brett

After shooting the film on no budget (thanks to some fantastically talented and generous friends), we are now raising funds for post production, festival costs, and distribution.  Watch our kickstarter video below (which includes some footage!) and click the “K” in the upper left corner to check out our page!


November 15 AT 8:40 pm

One of the great things about visiting the East Coast is the chance to link up with old collaborators. I’ve been able to maintain my longstanding working relationship with Rick, Ellen, and Jeff at Baker Sound since I moved out to LA a few years ago, primarily over ISDN, but it’s always great to have a good-old-fashioned face to face session.  A rare treat for a voice actor in the 21st century!


November 1 AT 8:21 pm

In addition to working 20hr days keeping everything on “Zombie Killers” running like a well-oiled machine, I also had a small cameo as, you guessed it, a zombie!  That’s me with the pretty mouth.


Zombie attack at the fence!


October 20 AT 7:48 pm

Just got done with an exhausting & exhilarating month associate producing the feature film “Zombie Killers: Elephants’ Graveyard,” starring Billy Zane, Micha Barton, & Dee Wallace. It was great to once again work alongside my good friend Brian Gallagher, 4 years after we shot Miss December together.


For more info, check out the ZKEG website

In the meantime, here’s a quick behind the scenes interview with Billy Zane.



September 8 AT 7:46 pm

Great to back in Philly!


I’m in town on my way up to the Poconos to work on a feature film and got the chance to do a few VO spots for KNOEBEL’S



July 22 AT 9:36 pm

Update has been a long time coming, partially due to the  insane workload of my recent transition into producing.


Presenting the first of many upcoming projects.  I produced, sang (role of BusBoy), and even had a little cameo.  Enjoy, “Les MiseraBaristas,” a musical satire of Les Mis, sung by 3 wistful starving artists.



April 8 AT 8:57 am

More Buni TV Comedy Series sketches!  We have a total of 40 episodes rolling out over the next 6 weeks, and by now all of the sub series have been released.


Check out the first episode of “White Savior, Inc.,” where the big-hearted but misguided Nathan Russell talks to high school students about saving Africa.



And the second episode of “The Cursed Kenyan,” where poor Onesimus tries to pick up some money that his mom sent him.